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Preventive Care

Vaccines: We offer different vaccination plans according to each pet's needs, to ensure healthy and long life for your pet.


Heartworm and Parasites prevention: Parasites infestations are very common diseases in Florida that not only affect the pets also might affect people. Emphasize on parasites prevention  to protect pets and humans as well.


Health Care Programs

Puppies and kittens: need special care, " they are just as babies". Puppies and kitten packages include: overall health exam, initial vaccination series, parasites prevention, behavior consultation, nutritional advice and more.



Because our pets age faster than we do, it is important that they receive appropiate care.

Pets of 7 years old or older should visit their veterinarian twice a year for wellness exam.  Pets are susceptible to many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, kidney , liver and intestinal disorders, arthritis, dental diseases and vision impairment.

We have available different wellness packages for adults and senior dogs and cats in order to detect any illness. We offer complete physical exams, laboratory work, vision exam, electrocardiogram and blood pressure check up, ultrasound , radiographs and more.

Behavior Consultation

We offer general behavior counseling and recomendations for your pet behavior. If you are experiencing a specific behavior issue, we also offer behavioral consult appointments.


Ultrasound is an excellent, non invasive and safe diagnostic tool that is very useful to study the heart, major blood vessels as well as abdominal organs, thyroid glands, eyes and more.


We have full ultrasound services for dogs and cats:


Echocardiograms: Help to assess the overall function of the pets heart, determine the presence of different types of heart diseases , follow the progress of the heart diseases and the respond to heart treatments.


Pregnancy: Early and accurate  pregnancy diagnosis can be made with ultrasound.


Cancer Screening Ultrasound: Ultrasound can help to diagnosis cancer in early stages, before the pet show clinical signs.  In pets older than 8 years of age, it is highly recommend to perform abdominal screening ultrasound at least once a year.


Pre Surgery Echocardiogram/Ultrasound: Anesthesia is always a risk, some breeds are predisposed to cardiac diseases or may have a heart condition without showing clinical signs, performing a pre surgery echocardiogram can help us to reduce the anesthesia risks and choose the appropriate anesthesia protocol for each patient.


Diagnosis Ultrasound: We offer different types of ultrasound that help us to find where the problem is and determine the diagnosis. 


Dental Care is very important in the pet health.

About 85 % of pets suffer of periodontal disease.

We offer a  comprehensive dental examination, treatments and prevention.

When is time to say goodbye

Unfortunately pets do not live forever. Loosing a loving pet  can be the most difficult situation that a person can ever confront. We will be with you and your pet at that difficult time.

Skin and Dermatology consultation

Dermatolology disorders can lead to your pet having itching problems, hair loss and ears and skin infections. Our doctors and staff have a wide  experience in dermatology conditions that affect small animals. We help to determine the cause of your pet ‘s skin condition and offer the best treatment to resolve the problem.

Other Services
  • Routine and Advance Surgery

  • Orthopedic Consults and Surgery

  • Radiographs.

  • Internal Medicine, Radiology, Cardiology and Dermatology Consults by well-known Board Certified Specialists.

  • Pure Breeds examination and testing.

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